ACHREM is a premium brand, founded in 2019 by Warsaw based designer Laura Achrem. Laura is an industrial design designer with a degree in fashion design – in her work she combines the mix of content and personal desires.

ACHREM puts a lot of emphasis on high quality of its products.

The fabrics used in manufacture are imported from the best Italian and French factories. We offer mainly natural fabrics, and all our products are sewn in Poland by qualified craftsmen located throughout the country.

We manufacture with love and attention to the smallest detail to take care of the most demanding customers.

The brand is characterized above all by eclecticism, a combination of vintage aesthetics with modern design, and its collections are intended for women who balance on the borderline between what may be considered inappropriate by society and the world they create themselves. A world through which they can see more and permeate the layer of hypocrisy surrounding their reality.

The Achrem woman is able to create a controlled chaos and as an individual she generates her own identity without referring to social affiliation. She does not have a single self, she is full of emotions, intellectual and emotional at the same time, sentimental and rational, subtly heterogeneous.

The state of eclectic freedom contributes to the direct reception of the reality records.

An individual’s identity is not something given and received, but is something generated and sustained by the individual, created and transformed throughout life. Identity is the creator of an individual’s access, which consists in the free choice of one’s own model of self-definition. A woman is a riddle, a mosaic of quotations and transformations.

Join our universe and re-create yourself